Sarah Jane is a Western Sydney, alt-rock and grunge singer-songwriter, guitarist and soloist with over 260,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

While recording her videos on the floor of her bedroom with only a microphone and an acoustic guitar, her most watched YouTube video has exceeded 3 million views. With only a year of lessons for fine tuning her guitar playing, she has been a self-taught guitarist for over 6 years whilst having piano, vocals & drum lessons in her early teens. Having completed her Bachelor Degree of Music (Majoring in Songwriting) in 2017 at JMC Academy, she has continued to grow her musical knowledge beyond her bedroom floor. 

She has released two albums this year, stripped-down acoustic solo album named ‘Absence’ and the alt-grunge ‘Exordium’ album with her alternative rock band, The Violet Stones. Combining her life experiences with the early influences of Nirvana and System of a Down, her main intent is for people to relate to her sound while also inspiring women in a heavily male dominated rock music scene.

2019 is undoubtedly her year, with the rock band ‘Seether’ reposting one of Sarah’s cover songs. With her new released music only just hitting the scene in October 2019, the solo artist’s next album is in the process of being written, while also working on The Violet Stones second album with the rest of the band. With a never-ending amass of music to offer, Sarah Jane will continue to be an active member in the YouTube community while also dedicating her protégé flair and inspiration with further releases.